Monday, June 24, 2013

Husband's Love (Story)

Kumar Luitel
The Lawyer of high court advised Nikita, “Think once! Madam you have twins, having the sweet and prosperous future ahead. They are like the blooming flowers of spring.” Nikita, a young and gorgeous lady hurriedly replied, “Sir, It is my final decision. You just tell me about the legal procedure of divorce.”
The renowned lawyer gazed on the application written in clean handwriting. “It’s my application”, she told showing it, “prepare the papers and tell me about your fees.” But his face seemed dim in an agony as it was his problem and was being parted from his beloved. Having a long breathe, he hastily pat the pate of two small kids of four in age. They were together with Nikita in court too. She left the lawyer’s chamber after being assured, she would be informing later about procedure.
Getting into her own room, she sobbed softly and looked at her two boys. She was sure that, the way of her choice was not so easy. Her face marked the tension lurking for future.”Yes it is my own choice, “She murmured.”What is wrong with you Mama? “Nothing you take the glass of milk, “She replied to her child, “Something is chocking in my throat, I am fine now.”
Her peace of mind was disturbed as the telephone rang loudly. Nikita saw her small son was in her lap and another was leaning on her shoulder in a deep nap. She was too snoozing on couch hanging her legs. As she picked up the phone, that was Sohan ‘Oh! Nikita I waited the whole day for your single call But………. “No, no dear I was busy in court that made me forget you for a short while”. Sohan was replied,” it’s ok sweet heart, then when will I get to see your lovely face?” Sohan asked. ‘Soon’ said Nikita and put the receiver down. She fed her boys and fell in a sleep.